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Friday, March 03, 2006

Retrograde Mercury !

The letter I wrote to one of the members of MSN Astrology Research promoted by Sandy Crawther regarding retrograde Mercury and itsx likely impact.
Retrograde Mercury
.Let me briefly describe, my understanding as on date with reference to Mercury's retrogression.
A retrograde Mercury is usually seen in the charts of highly trickish people. Infact it is an asset for politicians, lawyers, highly successful businessmen,document writers and those who are in similar "Liars profession" or where manipulation or duplication is a part and parcel.A retrograde Mercury in the 6-8-12 Rasis from the Ascendant or Moon sign is usually a prelude of nervous breakdown or disease connected with brain.In several female nativities, I have observed, Rx mercury leading to thyroid complaints.Retrograde mercury connected to 2nd Rasi is often noted in giving stammering and similar speech related problems; since mercury is the planet representing power of speech.Connected to 3rd, it gives audibility problem.Agreements or Contracts entered in during the retrogression phase of Mercury won't be really honoured by the parties effecting the contract or there will be an attempt by both the parties to the contract to defraud the other.A mission undertaken when Mercury goes slow or on the day it goes on retrogression will lead to quick disasters.To cite an example, a decade back, to be precise on 16 May 1996, when Mer was in Rx motion, consequent to 11th general elections of India, of A B Vajpayee , leader of BJP took oath as PM of India. A couple of days before , in a thickly packed astrological conference organised under the aegis of "Jyotisha Prachara Sabha " of Dr N E Muthuswamy, solely based on this retrogression factor of Mercury, I publicly predicted the Ministry will collapse within days.The prediction came too true and BJP opted out of office within a fortnight. During the retrogression phase of mercury, one needs to be very careful, while signing agreements; because there will be some clauses that may be twisted in future.Investments especially in shares ,will on a later date ,prove to be unwise.Basically cunning people will turn more trickish during this period.Note the Rasi in which Mercury retrogrades, If it is 6-8-12 either from the ascendant or the moon sign, you can expect the following experience
----importants documents are likely to be misplaced
-----Computer may stop functioning or it may get infected with virus
----Accounts may not tally
----if you are constructing a building, you will meet the architect several times and alter your plans
---unprecedented problems relating to travel documents, tickets, passport visa etc.
-----you are likely to be duped by middle-men or Brokers
---if Rx mer influences your 3rd or its lord, your writings are likely to be misunderstood.If it influences your 2nd Rasi, you will be making some equivocal statements that will not be taken by others in the proper sense.
---you may find your friends, nephew or niece's behaviour ridiculous
Lastly,Mercury rules weather,hence when it turns retrograde, climatic variations occurs.Mercury rules North. So when Mercury goes on retrogression, climatic changes occurs on the Northern part of the country.


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