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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

An appraisal of Canadian Elections- Jan,23,2006

The text of of my posting to Sandy's list in the yahoo groups on 4th November,2005.The prediction given before any visible trends proved very correct.

Someone in another list forwards me ,the details of the contestants of Canadian election scheduled for 23 Jan 2006,with a request to comment Here are the details.
Stephen Harper
Date: April 20, 1959
Time: 13:16:00
Time Zone: 5:00:00 (West of GMT)
Place: 79 W 25' 00", 43 N 40' 00"
Toronto, Canada
Asc---00Leo25: 36(Lahiri's)
DBA on 23 Jan 2006 ----Jup/Ven/Sat
Paul Martin

Date: August 28, 1938
Time: 13:33:00
Time Zone: 5:00:00 (West of GMT)
Place: 83 W 02' 00", 42 N 20' 00"
Windsor, Canada
Asc----10Sco17:33 (Lahiri's)
DBA on 23 Jan 2006 ---Mer/Mrs/Mrs
The last SE (3rdOct)fell on sign Virgo, that is 11 H for Paul Martin.Nevertheless, it is not activating any sensitive points in his chart.The Mars sub period cannot elevate him to PM. Reason is Mars is within a degree(Powerless) in sign Leo.Transit Jupiter will be moving on 202* on 23 Jan,2006, very near to his radical Rahu. If my memory is correct, such a Transit of Jupiter on the natal Rahu of Mrs Indira Gandhi, way back in 1985, gave her a crushing defeat in the electoral battle of 1985. An important point that members should notice is in the last SE,Transit Kethu was in the exact degree of the radical Rahu of Stephen Harper's chart .Member's attention is invited to the Nodal crossing taaking place in Stephen Harper's chart, thesedays.Nodal crossings always triggers important events in ones life Rahu in Stephen's chart is a significator of the improving houses viz 2 & 3 .This Rahu is getting activated in the SE.This is by any yardstick, an advantage for Stephen Harper.His subperiod Venus is in its own sign and is in "Vargottama".His Dashanath Jupiter is the lord of trine 5H (Mantri=Minister).So on a final scrutiny , Luck seems to take an upswing for Stephen Harper and he is likely to be the next PM of Canada.Come 23rd Jan,2006


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