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Sunday, November 07, 2004



(This article of mine was published in the November 2004 issue of express star teller, of course, undergoing several changes in the editorial desk. The original manuscript, submitted for publication is given below for the sake of assiduous students of astrology )

Do the planets actually ‘Retrograde’?

The answer is an emphatic ‘No’. It may often, each planet (except the lights) ceases its normal forward movement around the zodiac (called the ‘direct motion’) and appears to move backward (retrogression) for a time. This happens whenever the earth passes up the other planet, as they both orbit the sun, similar to how a slower car appears to move backwards, when you pass it at higher speed on the highway. After a time, the planets stops the reverse motion and resumes its normal, direct motion again.

Saturn Retrograde

Saturn retrogrades once in every eight months for 4-5 months. The stationary period is approximately 10 days.

SATURN Retrogrades at 3°25’ in the sign Cancer on November 8 2004 at 12 hrs 25 mts IST and directs at 26°27’ in the sign Gemini on 22nd March 2005 at 9 hrs 29 mts IST Retrogression last for 134 days.

Who all are affected?

Any one who has a Gemini or Cancer as ascendant, Mid-Heaven or moon in Gemini or Cancer will be profoundly affected by this retrogression. This retrogression of Saturn will also affect people who have Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Mid-Heaven in Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces; since these are the signs that are aspect or occupied by the retrograde Saturn and can cause action in a chart.

Retrograde Saturn in Mother’s Sign

If you have your natal moon sign in the emotional, loving, protective, sympathetic, intuitive and imaginative sign Cancer, when Saturn retrogrades you are susceptible to become changeable and moody, overemotional and touchy. Cancer is a watery sign, cold and moist and the inimical sign of Saturn. It corresponds to phlegm, humor etc. Hence retrograde Saturn in Cancer might bring disease from moisture and coldness such as chills, coughs and pneumonia and diseases arising from contaminated water. Being the fourth sign of natural Zodiac, the sign of Cancer is all about family, cords of connection between yourself and loved ones. When Saturn retrograde in Cancer, reviews may have to be made about the issues concerning emotional securities and self-sufficiency along with family relationships and responsibilities and also that connected with conveyance properties and homes. In the mundane sphere, retrograde Saturn in Cancer signals problems for government, as some of its policy may work to the dissatisfaction of public. The common man and laborers bear the burden and unemployment increases progressively. Retrograde Saturn in Cancer can bring bad weather and crop failure: which have an adverse effect on the economy, the people, livestock and the land itself. It will increase the number of single parents.
Retrograde Saturn in Gemini

Retrograde Saturn enters Gemini by mid of January 2005. Gemini is the 3rd house in the natural Zodiac and hence it is the house of communication, Travel, writing, Information & Technology, Primary & Secondary Schools, Automobile, Rail roads, Dot.Com companies, Journalism, Space technology, younger co-born, neighbors and community. Retrograde Saturn will bring forth into limelight these entire subjects and may also bring a change in the way of living. Travel & communication could change by leaps and bounds. There will be a tendency during Saturn retrograde periods for all the institutions mentioned above to have a change in their policy or to become overextended, either financially or in other important ways.

Retrograde Saturn in Nativities

Saturn is a planet of caution, contraction and discipline. Persons with retrograde Saturn usually have an aversion for Publicity and seek solace in intellectual and philosophical outlets. They are usually found to be malleable and appear shy, uneasy, introvert and lack self- assertion. They try to cover their lapses with the pretest of arrogance. They feel glom, loneliness and are often separated from their friends and seldom understood and are very reserved. At birth, if the retrograde Saturn as the fifth lord occupies a watery sign such natives brood over minor matters and easily tend to get agitated. Minor problems of day-today life appear enlarged in their mind and they try to overcome it by blaming others. A retrograde Saturn in the 7th house delays the marriage considerably: often leading to multiplicity in relationships. A disease that may crop up during the sub period of retrograde Saturn is likely to be lingering and make the native go whirling. If you are running the sub period of Saturn, then anticipated auspicious events are un likely to materialize till it turns direct in transit.

A point to Probe

Some classical authorities aver that, Saturn is the causative planet for father for night births. Irrespective of the fact whether the birth occurred during the day or night, in my studies, in several nativities with retrograde Saturn, the owners admitted that they distanced themselves emotionally from their father mainly because they are unable to accept their father’s point of view and outlook. Sometimes they fail to get affection and care they expect from their father. The father may be immersed in his work and he provides every thing for the native except the most cherished love and attention, which the native badly seeks. Sometimes, the father happens to be good for nothing and turns a blind eye towards the evolution of his family; with the result the native nurtures resentment against him .If Saturn as the ninth lord is retrograde at birth ,the father will be good for nothing and henpecked. The mother will have upper hand in the family.
Do’s and dont’s for the individuals.
When Saturn retrogrades, it is going back over some of your life decisions and directing you to reflect and perhaps re-direct some of your latent energies. When Saturn retrogrades, there will be refocusing, reconsideration and re-evaluation of the general issues of life’s. It is a time for assessing and solidifying commitments made, projects started and responsibilities under taken in the past.

During the Saturn’s retrogression avoid change in career, image or position in groups or world at large. You should not take any unnecessary responsibilities or long-range commitments. One should be extra careful while appointing subordinates, servants, dealing with labor union leaders etc. Relationships and love affairs during Saturn’s retrogression might bring problems and infamy and one has to be careful about that too.

Retrograde Saturn in Classics

Opinions differ among the classical authorities regarding ‘ retrogression’. In Hindu astrology, retrogression is considered to be a source of strength and is technically called ‘Cheshtabal’. According to some text books, the natural benefices such as Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are powerful while natural malefic such as Mars and Saturn are weak when retrograde; unless, Mars and Saturn happens to be lord of the ascendant or that of a trine. However, this scribe does not subscribe to this view: since practical studies reveals no such distinction is required between retrograde natural benefices and malefic since both functions in a bizarre way. I vividly recollect a horoscope with Scorpio rising, having retrograde Jupiter in the fifth, in its major period making the native rise from a humble position to a multi millionaire businessman, eventually thrusting on him a debt to the tune of several million and forcing him to attempt suicide and literally making him a bankrupt in the end

Saturn is the ‘Bhavakarka’ i.e. the causation planet for the 10th house signifying activity. Obviously, Saturn tuning retrograde will slow down the normal rate of activity and will pave the way for the formulation of better method and strategies. The result of Saturn’s retrogression may not be immediate and startling, but they are noticeable over time particularly in retrospect. Nevertheless, if you are running the sub period of Saturn, whether direct or retrograde at the time of birth, then the Saturn turning retrograde might manifest in a sudden withdrawal, a volte-face, which alleviates tense or dangers. If a situation has reach the zenith of explosion, and no solution appears in sight then Saturn turning retrograde might defuse the heightened tension creating more relaxed environment. However, a promise to the similar effect has to be there in the nativity to have the above experience.

Retrograde Saturn and Mundane affairs

Saturn stands for labor class, the left parties, Democracy, Insurance, Leather exports, mining industry etc. Usually when Saturn retrograde the above significations gets badly hit. It is a period of reversals. Saturn was retrograde during the outbreak of World War II, the Vietnam War, The Falkland War, and also when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.

Retrograde Saturn and India


Indian Independence
Aug 15, 1947

New Delhi


Time Zone +5:30, New Delhi India, 28N39, 077E13

Asc 7°44’ Mars 7°27’ Venus 22°34’
Sun 27°59’ Mer 13°41’ Sat 20°28’
Moon 3°59’ Jup 25°52’ Rah 5°44’
Kethu 5°44’

In mundane chart, the 2nd Stand for food, the 3rd stand for communication, neighbors etc, 4th for education, 8th for natural calamities, the 9th for constitution, export, foreign exchange, higher education of its citizens ,11th for friendly nations and the 12th for terrorist activities. The retrogression of Saturn will activate the conglomeration of five planets in Cancer, though not necessarily degree-wise. It may be profitably noted that the Saturn is getting retrograde exactly on the natal degrees of the third lord moon. This could mean

Ø Some decisive change in the central govt. regarding communication information and technology; perhaps licensing radio TV users, more cyber laws, some vital decision pertaining to NRI’s , allowing further foreign investment in the communication sector. Liberalization of Visa procedures, re-writing of history books, law for regulating self-financing colleges, provision for food for job extended to more districts etc. could be anticipated during this period. Some announcement regarding steel industry can also expected during this phase. As pointed out earlier this period might see certain setbacks for the left parties and bickering are likely to occur on this score within the UPA. However, it is to be no way construed that Manmohan ministry will collapse during this period.

Ø Some states might formulate new laws to curb the terrorist menace since retrograde Saturn will influence the 9th and 12th house of the independence chart representing law and terrorism respectively.

Retrograde Saturn and the fate of the Mulayam Ministry


Mulayam’s Oath Taking Chart



Time Zone 82:30:00, Lucknow India, 26N50, 80E54

Asc 9°56’

Saturn retrogrades in the 10th house influencing the 7th house, which signifies the alliance. This period might see the Cong (I) threatening to withdraw its support to the Mulayam Ministry.

Retrograde Saturn and the Chart of Pakisthan

Mars Moon

Pakisthan Independence
Aug 14, 1947




Time Zone +5:30, Karachi, Pakisthan, 24N51, 067E04

Asc 23°16’ Mars 6°47’ Venus 21°20’
Sun 27°02’ Mer 11°54’ Sat 20°20’
Moon 18°51’ Jup 25°48’ Rah 5°52’
Kethu 5°52’

Saturn retrograde in the fourth influencing the 10th, which stands for the ruler.

President Musharraff may not step down as Army Chief during the retrogression period, despite the popular protest.

Disquiet in the health of Pope

When Saturn retrogrades in Gemini, it will influence both Sagittarius and Pisces, the signs ruled by Jupiter the planet of religion. In my personal studies, I have noticed that the sign Pisces as much to say about the religion Christianity. Venus, the planet of luxury gets exalted in this sign Christianity is a religion preached in the name of luxury. Further this sign stand for Jesus and his 12 disciples. Saturn signifies the end of everything. Retrograde Saturn influencing this sign will cause further deterioration in the health of Pope.


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